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To do what I can is normal. To go beyond my capacities is a challenge. Where my capacities ends, there begins my faith. A strong faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. Daisaku Ikeda

Welcome to my website! This is a space to share my work with you: books, curiosities, images and thoughts.

"I write because I have something to say and to leave a mark. I write to live emotions and because I love to do it with my characters. I write to get the best out of myself and others, because in each of us there is always a better part that we can't, or don't want to rediscover, or that life confuses rather than enhance.... I write so that others can enjoy the wonderful time that a good reading gives, and to relive the most intense moments, those that leave their mark, that are our strength and that make us what we are and not what life wants. I write because a world without books would be fragile, at the mercy of the wind, empty and without purpose. I write for my heart to beat and for my breath to give me strength. I write because this life (beautiful or ugly) deserves to be lived, always, despite us, despite me..."

(M. A. Manuela Sasso)

BIOGRAPHY: MA Manuela was born at Sora (Italy) in 1964; she moved first to Rome, then to Vercelli and afterwards to Pavia; then again to Turin where she now lives. Her first job was for a renowned auctioneer in Piemonte she travelled frequently in Italy and abroad. For many years she moved and lived in the jet set; but at 30 she decided to change her life and start over. She studied Architecture at Turin Polytechnic University and began to work as a project designer for a well-known American multinational company. She met her husband but separated after only 4 years of marriage; moving on once again. She finished the music studies she had begun in her youth and is taken on as lyrical soprano for a famous opera company in Turin where she performs many leading roles in renowned operas in some of the most important theatres in Italy.

She is a volunteer for the evangelization of young children and follows their spiritual education; this at regional and national level, collaborating also with the Pope in Rome. She is proud mum to Asya and Manuel. She decided to write her first novel for which she won third prize in the unpublished category of the VII Premio Letterario Internazionale Montefiore and first prize, Oscar for unpublished literature, at the international Pegasus Literary Awards. In 2019 she has written "On the wings of the wind" screenplay (based on the novel) which reached the Quarter-final position at the 'PAGE International Screenwriting Awards' in Hollywood. In 2019 she has written "SONS OF THUNDER" which is the first volume of the necklace "White & Black".


ON THE WINGS OF THE WIND. Based on the English version of the novel ''Sulle ali del vento - L'ultimo volo' the feature length screenplay is born, reaching the quarter-finals at the Page International Screenwriting Awards in Hollywood!


The Talent & The Writer (My  Blog)

It looks like the title of a book and could become one, but we'll write it together. This is a space dedicated to anyone who loves writing, to share educational material, opinions and advice; one can share teaching materials, resources, doubts, to find solutions, new ideas and much more

The Book

'SULLE ALI DEL VENTO - L'ultimo volo':  Against the background of nineteenth-century Ireland, filled with dubious characters, two lives united in a strange destiny [...] a great story of love and adventure that goes beyond the boundaries of time.


Extract of the music (by Alexio Sebastian Manuel Cadei, musician and composer, taken from the song 'Inverno').

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